Bons Baisers du Vernet

Urban strategy

statut : Competition - 1st Prize
program : Study for the revitalization of a town center
client : Commune du Vernet - CAUE Allier
area : 1000 hectares
location :
Le Vernet - Allier (03) - FR
team :
VIS-À-VIS + Laureline Guilpain
year :

Le Vernet is a village on the heights of Vichy, both close (10 minutes by car) and separate (not part of the urban area) from the city. The project proposes to take advantage of the geographical position and proximity of the village for an update of the village. Through 3 distinct and complementary strategies, the project is a research on the new mythologies of living.

(1) The «setting in landscape» is done by the implementation of a soft mobility loop which proposes an alternative pathway. This new loop reconnects the existing paths and gives a view of the landscape while connecting to the town center.
(2) The «pooling» connects the weak centralities of the town. Schools, equipment, shops, services and communal gardens form a new set of shared spaces.
(3) The «updating» of existing housing adapts the village to new ways of living.
These new stories take advantage of the quality of the proximities and the strong link to the landscape to set in motion the updating of Vernet.