VIS-À-VIS is an architecture and urban planning office created in 2020 by Marion Lacas and Jacques Ippoliti. VIS- À-VIS develops an approach between city and architecture and considers the exchanges between these two fields as a space of debate and experimentation leading to alternative hypothesis. VIS- À-VIS explores the new mythologies of inhabited territories, in order to grasp their cycles, uses and modes of production. VIS- À-VIS won the competitions Europan 13 (Bondy) and Europan 16 (La Porte du Hainaut).

Marion Lacas graduated in 2014 from ENSAPM in Paris. She also studied Literature and Philosophy at the University of Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne. Since 2020 she teaches at the Télécom-Paris Saclay engineering school, where she runs a course on the city and architecture.

Jacques Ippoliti graduated in 2013 from ENSAPM in Paris. He continued his studies with a post degree in urban planning architecture at EAVT (DSA 2013-2015). Since 2017, he teaches at EAVT in the chair Fragments the master thesis and the seminar.

Between 2015 and 2020, Marion Lacas and Jacques Ippoliti participated in the collective project Le Studio Dièse which they created. They participated in several competitions. They won the Europan 13 competition in Bondy (FR). They have also conducted urban studies in Paris La Défense, Prés de Vidy (CH) and a competitive dialogue for the Pole Gare in Saint Quentin en Yvelines. They have carried out art and architecture residencies with the Ateliers Médicis and the Maison d’Architecture des Pays de la Loire around the theme of the play. They have created installations for the cross-Channel art festival Diep-Haven.