Short Stories

Nouvelles de la ville fragmentée

statut : Europan 16 competition - 1st Prize
program : Study for the revitalization and urban renewal of (post)mining territory
client : Communauté d’Agglomération La Porte du Hainaut, CAUE du Nord, Mission Bassin Minier, landlords Maisons&Cités and SIA
area : 14 mining municipality / 100 hectares
location : 
CAPH - Haut-de-France (59) - FR
team :
year :

Starting from the observation of the fragmentation of the Porte du Hainaut territory, where mining wastelands, transport infrastructures, residential areas isolated from urban centres, large agricultural areas and industrial and business zones are juxtaposed, we considered that this fragmentation constituted an opportunity from which to think about the revitalisation of a post-industrial territory. We have endeavoured to reveal the qualities and vitality specific to each of these fragments by making the hypothesis that, on the basis of the "small" local dynamics, it is possible to reconsider the attractiveness of the larger territory. The four short stories each propose the reconfiguration of a particular situation, the development of a 'weak' centrality capable of being part of a wider transformation than itself.