XL Village

Living between scales

statut : Europan 16 workshop
program : Study for the mutation and urban renewal of a small satellite town
client : City of Lempdes, Clermont Auvergne Metropolis
area : 13,5 hectares
location :
Lempdes - Clermont Auvergne Metropolis - Puy-de-Dôme (63) - FR
team :
VIS-À-VIS + Tecla Spruit (Anthropologist)
year :

Lempdes is a city between scales, belonging both to that of the metropolis of Clermont-Ferrand, of the daily commute between home and work, and to that of the local village, of an island in the middle of agricultural land.
XL Village proposes to reinforce the autonomy of this satellite town to reveal its weak centralities and to update its fabric, mostly a patchwork of pavilion houses and activity zones, to imagine the future face of Lempdes in the metropolis.

The project proposes 4 distinct and complementary strategies :
(1) A new soft mobility loop connects the existing micro-centralities (school and sports facilities, communal gardens, town center...).
(2) A peripheral circuit brings together the activities in a metropolitan necklace.
(3) Bumpers equip the city at road crossings.
(4) The myth of the family home explodes to explore new ways of living.